The Great Wall of China and Beijing Travel Guide
31 Oct / 2015

The Great Wall of China and Beijing Travel Guide

The beauty created by nature is no doubt endless but being the nature’s creation even the humans are no less. The vast miracles which humans have created with the help of technology and innovation are the clear depiction of creativity and innovation inherent from the nature. These miracles also include the different giant and breath taking buildings and architectural monuments. If you are fond of adventure travel you must have heard about the Great Wall of China as well as the city of Beijing.

As a traveler in the listing down the dream destinations you must have listed the wonders of the world. Among these destinations the Great Wall of China is the one where people want to go for solo adventure travel as well as for the group travel. The city of Beijing and its mesmerizing life also attracts the visitors who have also experienced the Taiwan travel and Philippines travel, you can read more information about traveling to Philippines at

Here are some of the tips for the people who want to make their visit to the Great Wall of China as a real adventure travel.

The attractions in Beijing:

If we talk about the whole city of Beijing then it is full of attractions and joyful destinations. If you have the experience of adventure travel Taiwan, then Beijing may look similar to you. Here is a guide for those who want to look into the major attractions which can help you to organize your trip in a much organized and well managed way.

  • The Forbidden City is considered to be the most visited place in Beijing. Its architectural preservation has been the most remarkable feature of its fame.Click here to read more about the Forbidden City.
  • Temple of Heaven is the place where the two emperors where Ming and Qing emperors used to have the grave rituals for abundant harvests.
  • Summer Palace is also a mark of magnificent and beautiful garden retreat.
  • Ming Tombs, the grand mausoleums of the Dynasty emperors

The Great Wall of China and its magnificence:

Knowing about the travel hacks about a place is favorable if you want to make your travel a real adventure travel. If you are intended at experiencing the real culture and beauty of the Great Wall, winding right across the Badaling section is the most favorable choice. As it is the mist visited area of the great wall so if you are visiting at the weekend or some other peak time you may experience a lot of visitors and a little inconvenience in covering the long distance. If you are on the vacations with your energetic team mates then you can also go for the Gubeikou and Simatai sections. These are the chunks where you will find a good hiking opportunity as there are broken bricks and steep peaks.

The whole city of Beijing and the great wall in particular can make you relive the ancient times and you will really remember it as an adventure travel.

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